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LocalAngler Contributor Guidelines

by @nextfish.co


LocalAngler is a collection of monthly digital publications that will feature specific regions within the US, and highlight local business and aim to spike tourism to help community growth. We’ve developed a great way to speak to your local audiences, as your local audiences speak to you. Catch up with local fishing reports, local stories, and local anglers, as they bring you the low down on getting out and getting a line wet and setting a hook in your local area every single month. Each region will have it’s very own, hyper local digital publication.


There’s quite a few ways to look at this, but the main two are audience and engagement. Digital Publications, much like NextFish’s LocalAngler digital magazines, make it really easy to track audience engagements. Whether you’re a fishing guide or a pro staff member of some kind, it’s a great way to showcase your local knowledge and build a better audience, and for the companies you might represent, it’s a great way to showcase tangible statistics which will help them support you even more. You’ll be able to see how long people stay in your article, what they read, and you’ll also have the ability to leave calls to action to help particular causes. We don’t want every article to be a walking advertisement, but you can leave “call-to-action” styled remarks for engagement.


The LocalAngler digital publications will publish each month for each region. Yes, each region has its own localized publication for a localized audience. Some articles may cross over throughout all publications, such as product reviews and product spotlights, but fishing reports, local stories, and business spotlights will always be in their respective regional publication that month.

This year, we are going to be a little less ‘organized’ and do more of a soft opening, as in the years to come, we will do a majority of the editorial scheduling during the Fall for the upcoming year. We will always accept submissions at any time throughout the year, but it will be more strategic, in which submissions are accepted or delayed for a particular month’s issue.

LocalAngler is very much a local publication, so that means, that we are sticking to the local regions, and will not accept anything outside of the state of Florida for these publications. In other words, if it has to do with Florida, you’ve got a good chance at being accepted, even if you don’t live in Florida. We’re open to great ideas, but want to keep this particular publication very local for the local audiences.

The best way to get heard is to submit a query, brief-to-the-point, with a good visual.


We’re currently at 14 individual publications, one per region per month. Each region will have a monthly publication, zoned towards that respective region.
What region are you in? Make sure to specify in your query, as to which region the article would be zoned towards. If you are a local angler for a particular region, and want to contribute regularly in your region, make sure to let us know!


Make sure to familiarize yourself with your county. While our regions are somewhat subjective, we’re confident that we’ll be able to support these specified areas with great appeal for your audiences.

  1. Emerald Coast – Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay
  2. Forgotten Coast – Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Franklin, Liberty, Gadsden
  3. Big Bend – Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Taylor, Dixie, Levy, Citrus, Hernando
  4. Sun Coast – Pinellas, Hillsboro, Manatee, Pasco
  5. Cultural Coast – Sarasota, Desoto, Charlotte
  6. Paradise Coast – Lee, Collier, Monroe
  7. Florida Keys – Monroe
  8. Gold Coast – Miami-Dade, Broward
  9. Treasure Coast – Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach
  10. Space Coast – Brevard, Volusia
  11. First Coast – Flagler, Putnam, Clay, Saint Johns, Duval, Nassau
  12. North Central – Baker, Union, Bradford, Alachua, Gilchrist, Lafayette, Suwannee, Columbia, Hamilton, Madison
  13. Central – Marion, Sumter, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Polk
  14. South Central – Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee, Glades, Hendry


The publishing schedule for each LocalAngler publication is the same throughout all of the regions. Late Articles may not appear in the upcoming issue. Please be on time. The Article must be completed and submitted by the date noted as “Art. Close”. Be sure to submit your query, at least a month prior to the Art. Close.

This gives us adequate time to style the article, and time to work together for any submission refinements, if need be. We will not wait until the last minute, and this is in effort to make sure we have quality content coming out each month.

November 2020 | Ad Close: 10/31/20 | Publish Date: 11/5/20
December 2020 | Ad Close: 11/25/20 | Publish Date: 12/3/20
January 2021 | Ad Close: 12/20/20 | Publish Date: 1/2/21
February 2021 | Ad Close: 1/20/21 | Publish Date: 2/4/21
March 2021 | Ad Close: 2/20/21 | Publish Date: 3/4/21
April 2021 | Ad Close: 3/15/21 | Publish Date: 4/1/21
May 2021 | Ad Close: 4/15/21 | Publish Date: 5/6/21
June 2021 | Ad Close: 5/15/21 | Publish Date: 6/3/21
July 2021 | Ad Close: 6/15/21 | Publish Date: 7/1/21
August 2021 | Ad Close: 7/15/21 | Publish Date: 8/5/21
September 2021 | Ad Close: 8/15/21 | Publish Date: 9/2/21
October 2021 | Ad Close: 9/15/21 | Publish Date: 10/7/21
November 2021 | Ad Close: 10/15/21 | Publish Date: 11/4/21
December 2021 | Ad Close: 11/15/21 | Publish Date: 12/2/21


There’s two categories of articles; Locally Based and Statewide Based. We do this, because it’s important to wrap in a community feel with a broad communication. Locally Based Articles are zoned specifically to a particular region, and will not appear in any other publications. Statewide Based Articles are zoned towards the State or Fishing in general, and may appear cross-published for all regions to benefit from.

Regional Articles

Regional: Feature
Occurrence: 1 Per Region Per Month
Word Count: 400-600 Words
High-Res Photos:4-6
Videos:Up to 1, YouTube Link or Vimeo Link required.
Details: Adventure & Destination styled articles are great here. Conservation Articles are also a perfect topic. Newsworthy topics can be accepted, as well.

Regional: Support Feature
Occurrence: Up to 2 Per Region Per Month
Word Count: 300-500 Words
High-Res Photos: 3-5
Videos:Up to 1, YouTube Link or Vimeo Link required.
Details: Quick Reads; Adventure & Destination styled articles are great here. Conservation Articles are also a perfect topic. Newsworthy topics can be accepted, as well.

Contributor Perks

Consistent Submissions Bonus

As a Digital Publication Platform, we very much so value our contributors. It’s beneficial to both parties, if the Contributors maintain a healthy schedule with their submissions, as the content is one of the lifelines of the publication! In terms of becoming a contributor, if you should agree to submitting monthly, and maintain a record of attentiveness and accuracy with your submissions, we will reward that. End Of The Year Profit Sharing is a bonus for contributors who never miss deadlines with their article submissions AND submit at least 12 articles throughout the year. Think of it as “sweat equity,” and its paid at the end of the year.

Requirements: Nothing additional, other than following our Contributor Guideline Submission Schedule. Submit an article each month, on time. (Think about it… It’s only 12 articles per year.)

Referring Advertisers

One area where publications work best is with a great foundation relationship between a Contributor and their local community following. If you refer companies in a warm manner (prior to any communication between NextFish and said company), then we will reward 50% of the 1st month of advertisement dues, which will be paid after 45 days after the first paid month is published.

Basically, you’ll talk with a company you know and let them know of the options of NextFish Digital Publications, and if they are interested, pass their contact information on to us. Once an agreement is made and payment is processed, you will get a commission for the introduction.


We expect first North American print rights to your work. NextFish requires that you inform us if your submission, or any portion or concept of your submission, has been previously published or is being considered for publication elsewhere.

Payment will be mailed out, or sent via VENMO, roughly 45 days following the release of the issue that your submission appears.

January Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by February 15th
February Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by March 15th
March Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by April 15th
April Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by May 15th
May Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by June 15th
June Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by July 15th
July Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by August 15th
August Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by September 15th
September Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by October 15th
October Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by November 15th
November Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by December 15th
December Issue: Payment will be on it’s way by January 15th


As much as we’d love to read the whole story up front, we just can’t promise that we will be able to. So, with that said, if you’d submit a summary of the article tagged along with 1-2 great photos, then we’ll consider it right the from the gate and let you know. Be clear and specific.

All FINAL Article Submissions are due no later than three weeks prior to the particular issue in which that article will be displayed. If your article is set for the January Issue which publishes on January 5th, it is due by December 10th, and no later or it will risk being archived for later use. So, queries should be submitted with enough time prior to the first to be able to finalize your article, generally 90 days prior to publish date.

This is going to be a very photo-centric magazine, so articles without good photography, are welcome, however, may not be picked over an article with good photography.

Writers submitting story ideas should be aware that the editors at NEXTFISH may already have assigned/be-working-on a similar story.

If we accept your query, please submit your completed work according to these guidelines:

  • Include your name, region, article title and word count on the first page of your submission.
  • Carefully check all facts and figures and spellings (names of people or products, places, scientific terms) for accuracy and be prepared to provide us with your research material and contact information for all sources.
  • Include a concise, 40-word biography to be published at our discretion.

Please save documents in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) and send as an email attachment—do not paste it into the body of an email message.

If you use Google Drive, you may work directly from there, and share the content with andrew@nextfish.co

  • Be sure to include your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address with all submissions.

We will make a reasonable effort to ensure the safe return of slides, negatives and other materials that you loan to us; however, contributors are responsible for ensuring these materials against loss or damage.

NextFish assumes shared rights with the owner of the content, both written and photography. We hold the right to reproduce the original publication by any means or technology for our promotional purposes including indefinite publication on the internet, as part of our online editions and NextFish.co (The Website).