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by @nextfish.co

Let's Showcase Your Destination within the NextFish Network and beyond!

Let’s face the hard truth: Outdoor Media is ridiculously difficult to pin down.

Well, not anymore, thanks to the NextFish Outdoor Media platform. We will build you a customized media outlet for any and all outdoor writers and editors. Time is usually of the essence with them, and they always need quality photography, videography, or just base content to get their stories started. We will not only help you reach thousands of your targeted outdoor media audience, but also connect you with content creators to drive your outdoor tourism mission home!

My name is Andrew Cameron, and I’ve built and marketed hundreds of websites, worked in outdoor media for over a decade, and even worked inside the fishing industry collectively on all fronts that a business can offer. You name it, I’ve done it for a fishing-related business. The outdoors just come naturally to me, and helping others enjoy it is a passion that I just can’t seem to contain!

With all this said, managing your media can be a much bigger task than anyone anticipates, and at the end of the day, it’s truly difficult to wear all the hats that most are required to wear on a day-to-day basis. With this Outdoor Media platform, you will be provided with the knowledge and expertise behind putting quality information together to be easily digested and manicured into whatever that editor may require.

What is the Outdoor Media program?

Well, I’m glad you asked… This program is designed to be specifically catered to the outdoor writers and editors that are seeking information that is readily available for them to create captivating content for their audience to ultimately help drive traffic to you. You know, as well as I do that heads in beds matter! This program is designed to help you help others with quick, efficient access to high-quality content about the region you cover.

What does this include?

Every Outdoor Media package includes the following:

Additional services, based on the package or a la carte:

We also offer Outdoor Related Media Visits and Press Trips, if you’re looking for a completely managed program.

Okay, how does it go from here?

First thing’s first: Let’s meet, in person or virtually, and talk about your destination and what makes it tick when it comes to the outdoors. We’ll discuss the desired audience you’d like to reach along with the stories you want to tell. This will help us determine your exact needs so that we can build a customized approached for your Outdoor Media page.

Now, it’s time for us to get to work with our network of professional outdoor writers to produce content in various outputs, which helps us market it to editors and writers to use the materials. In some cases, it’s been proven that a writer or editor can simply take what you have on your Outdoor Media page and put together a quality story that many will want to check out.

Stock piling high-quality photos, videos and graphics will keep a fresh sense of satisfaction when it comes to completing that story and bringing it to life. Outdoor editors and writers will love this aspect of your Outdoor Media page. When it comes down to it, you should have high-quality images available in low and high resolutions, captioned and credited so that it takes all the guesswork out of the editor and writer’s hands.

P.S. – We also network with a handful of professional content creators and can make this a super easy task for you to get the media what they need.

Once your Outdoor Media page is set up and ready to go, which should be about 7-14 days after we receive all of the content necessary, we will deliver a final web link that you can place within your site. This is now the ultimate resource for you, as the media will have everything they need, including contact information that is linked directly to you for any additional assistance or questions that they might have.

P.S. – We work with a great web designer and developer who would be happy to assist you with adding the link, if you do not have an internal team member readily available.

With your subscription to the NextFish Outdoor Media program, you will receive exclusive benefits of being within our outdoors and fishing-related network. We will work directly with you to make sure you are in front of the desired media, as well as sharing across our social media platforms.

The outcome here is that everything is easy to find, access, and utilize for the outdoor media and writers, as we point those media individuals and companies directly to your page.

We live in the outdoors industry, and thrive in the fishing world. Our focus here at NextFish has always been about catching that next fish and where you’re gonna do it. Working directly with the small ma and pa shops around the state has really influenced us into getting more and more people in their doors and that includes a heavy volume of tourism-based marketing behind it. We’re focused, driven and ready to provide you with what you need, thanks to the backgrounds that we come from.

If you’re ready to get your destination listed, please reach out to us by email or giving us a call at 386.748.9441.