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GRAND PRIZE worth over $1500 for one lucky winner!

“Trash Fish” Snook made from Repurposed Litter ($250 Value)
Guided Inshore Snook Fishing 1/2 Day Trip w/ Capt. Wes Wildman (Anna Maria Island) ($550 Value)

Guided Black Crappie Trip w/ Jack Smith (Central FL) ($300 Value)
Bass Assassin Bait Pack ($100 Value)
Hoplark Gift Pack (12-Pack of HopTea & 12-Pack of Hoplark Water + 2 Koozies) ($85 Value)
ugo SLIM™ Phone Case ($75 Value)

Vector Hooks Gift Card ($50 Value)
NextFish Vinyl Decal Pack ($50 Value)
NextFish Long-Sleeve Performance Shirt ($45 Value)
Catch Some Relief Achy Angler Kit ($40 Value)
PESKY Bug Spray Gift Pack ($30 Value)
NextFish 2-in-1 Koozie Tumbler ($25 Value)

Oh, and we’re drawing over 100 other winners to win over $2700 in other prizes!

(1) Guided Inshore Fishing Trip w/ Capt. Jay Withers (Port Charlotte, FL) ($550 Value)
(1) Guided Barramundi Fishing Trip @ Osceola Outback Adventures ($550 Value)

(1) Guided Bass Fishing 1/2 Day Trip w/ Capt. Justin Morgan (Okeechobee, FL) ($300 Value)
(2) Catch Some Relief Achy Angler Kits ($80 Total Value)
(5) NextFish Long-Sleeve Performance Shirts ($225 Total Value)
(2) NextFish 2-in-1 Koozie Tumblers ($50 Total Value)
(20) Hoplark Koozies ($60 Total Value)
(5) 10″ Bass CPR Recycle Vinyl Trasnfer Decal ($90 Total Value)
(24) 8.5″ Bass EKG Vinyl Transfer Decals ($360 Total Value)
(15) 6″ Bass CPR Recycle Vinyl Transfer Decal ($180 Total Value)
(100) LocalAngler Vinyl Decals ($300 Total Value)

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NextFish PREMIER is a premium fishing-content driven membership with exclusive education to help one hone their skill set for fishing and coincidentally save money on fishing tackle and more with our insider discounts from our NextFish SELECT Partners.

For one low, monthly price, you will have unlimited access to insider industry news, recurring educational content, and extensive discounts that can be used both online and/or locally for an in-person experience. There’s always something new to learn and new videos & deals are added every single month.

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However, we know that this may not be for everyone, and if you log into your dashboard, you will have full control to be able to pause, cancel, or restart your membership, as you wish.

One thing to note, is that the giveaways we do for PREMIER Members are only for active members, at the time of the giveaway, and they tend to happen at random. Think of it as a pop quiz, but instead of that dreadful “F” you might have to take home to your parents for a signature, you could be expecting an awesome gift to come in the mail!

The NextFish PREMIER Membership 100% Kid Friendly, and would be an excellent place for a young angler to start their journey in the fishing world.

Of course, with that being said, it is going to be important to have adult supervision and necessary to have a credit card to create an account.

Fish Responsibly. 😉

Here’s the honest truth: Most of what you will learn here can be applied in some manner whether you’re in freshwater, saltwater, lakes, rivers, the ocean, and likely even ditches that hold enough water for fish to swim.

Being a black belt is meaningless if you don’t know how to apply it. The goal is to learn when to apply things. We are all about empowering you to get out in the water worlds and put what you’ve learned to the test.

That being said — With as broad of a spectrum of topics and teachers we have on the roster, you will find plenty of value in what they teach.

Another topic that might pop up is the idea that maybe you’re a land angler or a kayak angler and the video you’re watching is someone in a boat… It is 100% okay. What you learn you can apply, without a shadow of a doubt, to your game plan.

Of course! David Bolema, Joe Longoria, and myself (Andrew Cameron) are here to help you become a better angler. In doing so, not only are we trying to help you, but so are the numerous names and companies that share the same passion. We’re just people like you. We fish like you. We catch fish, too. Except for me (Andrew — Watch our Live Feeds, and you’ll see the non-sense I have to put up with from the peanut gallery, aka Dave and Joe haha)